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Dotrewards grants quadratic funding is not just for funds allocation, it's also a great signaling tool! For the last few rounds, going to https://dotrewards.org/bounties (sort by top match) has led me to discover a lot of really cool Ethereum projects I previously did not know about.

Vitalik Buterin Founder of Copla

I am amazed on a daily basis at the incredible projects and communities in this space. The Dotrewards team and quadratic funding is an invaluable catalyst to bring it all to fruition. Thank you!

Hishamaru Konkon Developer

Dotrewards gave me the first break into Ethereum and the crypto space. It helped me find bounties that I could work on and get paid in crypto. After my first ever bounty I got paid a lot and I felt euphoric.

Sebastian TF Full-Stack Developer

As one of the first quadratic freelancers to go through the platform, my grant enabled me to leave my job and build open source tutorials and prototypes for the open internet. Super excited to see quadratic funding continue to help high leverage outliers find their place in our ecosystem.

Austin Griffith Javascript Developer

I LOVE IT...The community has been outstanding. I have made contact outside of slack w a couple of people. William Schwab was kind enough to ZOOM w me for an hour and tell me his story, letme pick his brain, and as he shared some valuable resources with me.

John Wilkinson Kernel Alumni

KERNEL is the greatest thing to ever happen to my crypto/business/personal life. I have made plenty of new friends, connected with people who believe in me and want to work together on other projects, and of course learned a lot from other seedlings, mentors and speakers.

Ethan Chiasson Kernel Alumni

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